Taking on the NPTE

You are ALMOST there!!! You have studied the NPTE study guides to prepare for the test. Now lets help you apply and test your knowledge.

The NPTE is an application-based test. Having a strong base of the core concepts is of utmost importance. Statistics show that you can significantly improve your results by testing multiple times after reading the material.

So let us help you pace yourself, monitor your progress, determine the areas that you might need to focus more on and make this a successful journey in becoming a practicing Physical Therapist/Assistant.

Why us?

Our tests are written by experienced practitioners incorporating both theory and application-based questions. Unlike other online testing sites that only give you the option of doing an entire 5 hour test, we give you the option of building your “test stamina” by offering blended questions on various topics in sets of 50 questions taking an hour each.

You have the option of doing just one set of 50 questions or doing multiple sets depending on your preparedness and testing endurance. This is also more a more cost-effective way of testing your knowledge across the curriculum. Best of luck! You got this!



PTBoards tests were great! Allowed me to test my learning through application of the concepts

Sam G


The PTBoards tests were comprehensive and rigorously tested my understanding of the concepts. I also appreciated the detailed results that were provided, which helped me understand where I needed to improve in my preparation. Overall, I would highly recommend PTBoards

Taylor M


The 1 hour testing option is great. Rather than sitting though an entire 5 hour test, I can test myself in short tests and revise the concepts and test myself again. Also it saves me money! Highly recommended

Britney J

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